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Neil can help you buy the property of your dream here in the Cayman Islands.

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Renting in Cayman

Finding a suitable place for you and your family to rent is not easy: let Neil help in your quest.

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Buying land then building your house could be a cheaper investment in the long term.

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Since 1993

About Neil Williams

Neil originally moved to The Cayman Islands for a role with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), following a career in the London Metropolitan Police Service. He was the first police officer to reside in Little Cayman, armed with a bicycle, pen and paper and this unique role where working on such as close-knit island is tantamount to his ability to relate to anyone, from any walk of life.

Neil has always been interested in real estate and from an early age, began buying and selling houses privately. He began working as a real estate agent in 2005 and soon after teamed up with Cathy, as the very clear realization was that two heads are better than one, giving the couple a market advantage that remains unchallenged in Cayman Islands real estate. Neil has a presence that is down to earth and calming, with the ability to let the client know that he will make it happen for them. His knowledge about the local market is ever evolving and he keeps his finger on the pulse, knowing early what the next big opportunity will be. Combining Neil’s business acumen with fantastic connections, it’s easy to see why Neil has a track record that is legendary.


Neil Williams Cayman